duminică, 20 septembrie 2009

Just call

Call for me..

I'll be there!

Call for me..

I'll be right next to you!

Call for me..

So I can send you a kiss,

A kiss which will make you

Forgive and forget.

Send me a rose

So on a leaf

I'll write

All I feel and keeps me alive.

Only a leaf I need..

The rose will be yours..

Only a leaf I need..

To say those words..

4 comentarii:

Malina. spunea...

Ah, dada, m-ai prins cu Die die my darling! :)))

Lucian spunea...


Lucian spunea...

e ciudat... de obicei reusesc sa citesc pe cineva din ce scrie... la tine nu am reusit... inca...

zugfy spunea...