duminică, 20 septembrie 2009

Like a THUNDER.. viata este asemenea lui.. o secunda.. o clipa.. si totodata o vesnicie

Just Try

On the wings of an angel

I try to fly

On the perfect dark sky

I try to find

That special thing

which makes us die..

On the colours of a rainbow

I try to climb

And into the beautiful rain

I try to find

That special drop

Which makes us die..

Into the misterious night

I try to find

That special moonbeam

Which takes us high..

(thx Mitza ;x) xd

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Boogie Bubble spunea...

Sa cresti mare, si tu si blogu'. :)

Sa ai grija de el si sa ai cat mai multe inspiratie. :)

Pupa mama. :*:*:*:*