luni, 8 martie 2010

Prin ochii mei

Prin ochii mei vad, observ.. lumea. Tot prin ei zaresc o lume cruda si nepasatoare, fata de realitatea cea dureroasa care inca exista. Persoane care au nevoie de ajutor nu numai din punct de vedere al foametei ci si al dezoltarii(Africa). Trebuie sa fim oameni, sa vedem semenii nostri care au nevoie de noi, au nevoie de noi pentru a scapa de ceea ce se numeste foamete. Poate multi dintre voi nu cunosc acest cuvant pe propria piele.. insa.. sunt oameni care mor, care tanjesc pentru o bucata de paine, pe care tu o ai zilnic pe masa, copile! Familii bogate care se "scalda" in bani, isi cumpara ultimele masini aparute, ultima aparitie in tehnologie.. pe cand.. realitatea este distrugatoare.. iar acestia o fac si mai dureroasa prin nepasarea si aroganta lor. Treziti-va..!! Observati lumea! Nu o ignorati! (doar un sfat de la o persoana pe care, poate, nici nu o cunosti, care ti-l da ca astfel tu sa faci o diferenta in lume - Ajuta! si vei fi ajutat.. si rasplatit, intr-un mod cu totul aparte)

Through my eyes I see, I observe .... the world. They see a cruel and relentless world, upon which reality still exists. Somalian people, from Africa, need not only to be fed, but need an impulse to develop their society. We must have feelings for those who need our support, to help them get rid of what is called hungriness. Many of you do not know the meaning of this dreadfull word ... there are people who would kill for a decent meal, something you have 3 or more times a day! Lets not forget rich families who practically "swim" in money and don't know what to do with them and are too busy to see the suffering of their own kind. Open your eyes! This is an advice from a person whom you have not met and probably won't, advice which will help you make a difference no matter where you are. Give a helping hand, and when in need, you will also, be given one ...

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